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With over 19,000 known archaeological sites our Province possesses a rich archaeological heritage ranging from Aboriginal hunting and fishing camps to villages, historic battlefields, as well as the pioneer and settlement history of the past three centuries. Under the Ontario Heritage Act, the Ontario Planning Act, and the Environmental Assessment Act activities involving terrestrial disturbance legally require the investigation of the property by a professionally licensed archaeologist to identify and document any potential archaeological sites prior to disturbance. In doing so we ensure that this part of our provincial heritage is neither compromised nor lost altogether. As such, we would like to provide your organization with the expertise and knowledge required to fulfill both municipal as well as Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS) archaeological requirements.

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Archaeological Assessments

Assessments are required in advance of residential / commercial development or service projects in order to meet provincial & municipal legislation. We've put this primer together to help you understand each stage of assessments.